Best skin tips for young generation

Who said beauty can only be achieved through spending money on cosmetic products? If you feel so you should, let me tell you one thing that it is a huge mistake. Cosmetic products can be harsh on the skin as well as heavy on your pockets.

* I would like to encourage all to use natural products to make yourself look beautiful, saving cash and protect your delicate skin as well. Nature offers a fantastic product in its bag that can go a long way in making you look beautiful naturally. Yes, I’m talking about tomatoes which are the largest source of properties that enhance beauty. The good thing is that it’s easy to access it from your kitchen pantry.

* This article is a compilation with the best beauty benefits of tomato. The beauty benefits of tomatoes are very easy to use. Learn how to use tomatoes for your cosmetic applications.

The beauty benefits of tomatoes

1. You can use tomato juice to minimize the appearance of pores of your face. Mix 2 to 4 drops of lemon juice with one tablespoon of tomato juice. Apply it to your face andliquid omega-3 for teens  leave it on for about 15 minutes. After that, wash it off using lukewarm water to close the pores.

2. Mash a tomato and spread its pulp evenly across your face. Make sure to keep it on your skin at least one hour prior to washing off. Finish off with a good moisturizer. Your acne will lessen with regular use. Tomato has cooling properties to calm the skin, and also astringent properties to absorb the excess oil that accumulates on the face, which aids in reducing the severity of acne.

3. Cut the tomato in half, then press it into blackheads. Cleanse and follow up with moisturizer. Rub tomato slices over blackheads is the most tried-and-true home remedy for removing facial blackheads that look ugly.

4. Get the juice from tomatoes and mix the juice with cucumber juice. After that, dip a cotton ball into this liquid and put it to your face on a daily basis. This treatment reduces the facial oiliness and helps keep acne at bay.

5. Mix 2 spoons of tomato juice and 4 teaspoons buttermilk. Apply it to your face. Rinse off after 30 minutes. Make use of this home remedy to heal and soothe your sunburnt skin. It is said that the nutrient lycopene in tomatoes shields skin from harmful ultra-violet UV rays.

6. If your skin appears rough or irritated, dull, or burnt the tomato and yogurt masks are an instant remedy for your dull skin. Apply tomato juice and yogurt on your skin. rinse it off after 20 mins using lukewarm water. Yogurt provides the skin with a healthy shine and proteins to the skin and tomato neutralizes the skin’s surface, while cooling the skin.

7. Apply tomato juice and honey on your face and let it dry for 15 minutes before washing it off. This simple remedy works well in giving your skin a healthy and radiant skin. Tomato is full of the potency of vitamins A and C that help to brighten the dull skin. So, reap the benefits of applying tomato to your face using this natural treatment.

8. Take a tomato for breakfast in the morning for a quick loss of the extra fat deposited in your body. You can drink tomato juice twice per day to lose weight. You can drink tomato juice just 10 minutes prior to eating in order to reduce the appetite. It’s effective since it slows down the process of fermentation and the rotting of the intestines. Through fermentation sugar and alcohol is created in our body which leads to weight gain.

9. Just apply tomato slices or juice on your hair to boost the natural PH of your hair and get back the natural colour. Tomato is a natural conditioner that gives hair natural shine.

10. Apply tomato pulp on your dandruff-infested scalp for 30 minutes , then wash off with shampoo in order to remove dandruff.

11. Mix tomato juice with avocado to make a fabulous cleansing mask for the combination skin. Avocado’s hydrating and antiseptic qualities together with tomato’s astringent qualities make a huge difference to combination skin.

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