There are few things that are more crucial than omega-3 for children. This article will assist you to decide if fish oils are the right choice for you. There are a few risks mostly due to mercury contamination.

However, prior to getting to the dangers, we should take a look at the benefits of omega 3 for children. Research has shown that the supplements can be beneficial to children with attention deficit disorder and difficulties with their behavior. The blood levels of certain omega-3s have been linked to lower IQ scores.

The benefits of these supplements can be utilized to treat asthma, allergies, and other inflammatory conditions. Teenagers have experienced benefits in treating acne and omega-3 liquid fish oil for teens depression relief. Parents used to rely on fish oil for children to help keep their kids healthy and we, now, know that it can benefit the digestive system.

Pediatricians are concerned about the rise in blood triglycerides as well as the uneven cholesterol in children and adolescents especially those who are obese or overweight. Many suggest the routine use of statins drugs to reduce the risk to the heart.

Others suggest fish oil for children who have excess cholesterol and imbalanced triglycerides since it’s safer. Statin medications can inhibit the production of coenzymeQ10. COQ10 deficiency within the muscles leads to their death. Pain in the muscles is the first warning sign.

Doctors are worried about the safety of omega 3 supplements for children. Mercury consumption, like the heavy metal lead can cause brain damage. Even tiny amounts of mercury can cause damage.

If you are considering buying fish oil for your children it is important to know what standards the manufacturer adheres to for purity. If the requirements are very high Look for evidence that the supplements meet these requirements. A COA or certificate of analysis can provide that evidence. It should be spelled out “not detected” in the area adjacent to the mercury content.

The test should be conducted by an independent laboratory , and the company who makes the omega 3 product for children should disclose the laboratory’s name. Each batch must be tested, and the batch number should be added to the COA.

Other contaminants can also be a problem, like PCBs. These have been prohibited, but remain in the world. Before purchasing fish oil for children, you should evaluate the manufacturer’s stand on contaminants such as PCBs.

One the biggest brands in the US was studied by an independent laboratory and found to contain high amounts of PCBs. The brand is called Omega-Pure. Of course, it’s not pure.

Also, you should check the DHA composition of any supplement you’re planning to buy. Docosahexaenoic (or DHA is the most essential omega-3 fatty acids that are essential for healthy brain development and function. Infant formulas now contain DHA.

The value of omega 3 for children can’t be overemphasized. It is crucial to shop smartly.

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