Police Stun Guns

Police Stun Guns


Police stun guns are non-lethal weapons used against assailants. As the name suggests, these are weapons commonly used in police departments and security agencies and are more effective compared to the other stun guns available in market.

Police stun guns deliver high 38 special ammo  voltage electric charges, which temporarily disable the attacker for several minutes. The gun works on the principle of interaction between its high voltage electric charges and the electrical impulses of the body. An assailant coming into contact with a police stun gun experiences intense pain, disorientation, loss of balance, and loss of muscle control and becomes temporarily stunned.

As the amperage is low, there will not be any permanent damage or serious injury to the attacker. Moreover, the user is safe to touch the stunned person. This is generally true, but there have been reports of powerful police stun guns that have caused the deaths of people, particularly if they had a pre-existing heart condition.

Police stun guns are easy to handle and are compact. They are excellent weapons for protection against multiple assailants. The devices are considered ideal alternatives to firearms.

Unruly suspects can be subdued effectively with the aid of police stun guns. The officers also use the guns to frighten people who do not obey the commands or to shock to mentally disturbed ones.



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